Who are we?

We are Virtuo, a new startup company aiming to bring the latest in VR and Simulation Systems to Europe. With expertise in building high end custom computers, we guarantee to give our partners the best there is to offer in VR and Simulation solutions. We are introducing Kat Walk into Europe, the best omni directional threadmill for Virtual Reality.



The KAT WALK, the World’s leading VR ODT (Omni-directional Treadmill), breaks the barrier between the real and virtual worlds. While ensuring your absolute safety, your regular actions such as walking, running, jumping, sitting or squatting can be perfectly mapped into the virtual scene with reduced motion sickness, letting you enjoy an unparalleled and highly immersive, virtual experience.


Our custom made Race Simulator, brings in years of experience in race simulators and computer building together for the best racing experience with affordable prices.

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The opportunity to walk in a limitless virtual world can be created by KAT WALK by using only a very small physical space. Rather than simply demanding more and more space to be used, the KAT WALK, which also has low usage and maintenance costs, is a much simpler and cost effective solution in the long term for the creation of larger virtual spaces.This also benefits content creators, since they won’t have to worry anymore about movement limitations or space restrictions during the design of their virtual reality worlds.

The only limit is your imagination

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Race Simulator is a complete turn-key experience, delivered by us to you. All what’s left for you to do is enjoy the sensation and pure excitement and share it with the people you invite to experience it.

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